wow, i honestly will never get over the fact that you're eighteen. i can't believe it. you're fucking eighteen years old. you're adults now. adults who this day, two years ago, didn't have the slightest clue as to how big they'd become. how many lives they'd change. how many fans they'd have. have many lives they'd save. how many mental stabilities depended entirely on them and them alone. i cannot put into words how incredibly proud i am of the two of you and the rest of the janoskians. you have made me so happy i can't put it into words, and you've changed my life for the better. i hope you have the most amazing day anyone could possibly ask for and enjoy all the legalized benefits you have now. jai domenic matthew brooks and luke anthony mark brooks, who went from just your average teenage twins to two insanely close brothers who are embarking on a world tour, signed to some of the biggest lables the world has to offer and are living in luxury with a fanbase to support you throughout your journey. i remember joining this fandom back when the both of you were just 16 year old little fetuses and jai not even knowing what ovaries were. the fandom was so tiny and you appreciated and cherished it so much. now look at you. jai, dating your celebrity crush, and luke, well lets just say ashton wont be stickin around 4 very long so until then u have me aW yIs okay i better just wrap this up now its getting way too long (just like ur dDds im sORRY I HAD TO), just know that i love you &; happy fucking birthday.

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